Beautiful You hair and beauty is meticulous about ensuring that the client’s natural hair is kept safe, and growing with the hair extensions, therefore we have trialled various methods to find the safest and most gentle application. Using small discreet cylinder attachments, the result is very natural looking and kind on your natural hair. No glue is used when applying these so when it comes time for removal, they are quickly and easily removed with no damage caused. The cylinders are available in a number of colours and are matched to ensure the extensions are undetectable, even when the hair is worn up.

We ensure that a balanced section of the natural hair is taken for each individual hair extension strand so that no stress or pressure is caused, resulting in long term wear with no damage. This is very important and you can view our neat and precise application in our photographs. We have trialled many varieties of micro ring cylinders, and have been able to perfect the technique to reduce any risk of slippage.

We are extremely particular about the quality of the hair extensions we use. With some of our own staff wearing our hair extensions, we understand the importance of manageability and a natural look. Stocking J’adore Hair Supplies’ highest quality Remy Indian and Russian hair options we can confidently apply our extensions knowing that they will last over 6 months when well cared for. All the hair is Remy 100% human hair with no mixed in synthetics or animal hair, which unfortunately can occur in the hair extension industry. Remy means that the hair is collected with all strands running in the same direction (cut from a ponytail), this ensures that the hair cuticle layer is facing the same direction from root to tip just as they do in our natural hair. Great care is taken so that all the cuticles run in the same direction, this greatly reduces tangling and means that it is kept looking and feeling natural.

Our extensions are double Drawn Quality Hair Extensions a very important part of J’adore Hair Supplies’ quality assurance is to ensure all our hair is double drawn. The hair is manually checked for any short hairs. These short hairs are removed to ensure that each hair extension strand is full from the top to the bottom (no thin ends). You would be surprised on how much this improves the completed look, and unlike others we stock double drawn hair at single drawn prices. Most salons only use single drawn hair due to the additional cost associated with purchasing double drawn hair, we use only the best and we do not pass that cost onto the client. Our stands are also 1gram strands, not 0.5g or 0.8g which means far more for your money! Our team is fully trained, qualified and experienced and will ensure your extensions look completely natural.

Please contact us to book for a free consultation where we can show you our large range of colours kept in stock at all times, assess how many hair extensions would be suitable for you and answer any of your questions.


·         Premium Remy J’adore hair applied with method of your choice
·         Professional application by qualified technician
·         Professional cut and blend by qualified technician
·         Follow up appointment if requested
·         All prices are inclusive of GST.


How long does the hair last for?
The extensions need to be pushed up every 2-3 months (cost is $95-$145 + GST). If the hair is well looked after it can last 6-8 months.

Which method is used?
The method used is currently the safest on the market. No glue is applied to the natural hair, the extensions are attached with a small plastic coated copper cylinder and then clamped. Every 2-3 months the extensions need to be pushed up which involves the cylinder being unclamped and extensions moved back to the roots for another 2-3 months. This is a fantastic feature of the method as the hair can last as long as you like if you look after it!

Is it difficult to maintain the extensions day to day? Can I straighten the hair?
The extensions are not difficult to maintain, they are best kept if the wearer is gentle with them and applies conditioning treatments frequently. The hair needs to be brushed with an extension loop brush (available in store) . Due to the extensions being human hair they can be styled the same as your natural hair, e.g. straightened, curled etc.

Can I swim with the extensions?
Yes, you can swim at the beach or in pools. The hair should be tied in a loose plait whilst swimming and rinsed in fresh water afterwards.

Can I dye the hair?
Yes, however the general rule with dying extensions is ‘dye darker not lighter’. If you would like lighter extensions these should be added rather than dying existing extensions.

What hair is used?
We use the highest grade Remy Indian and Russian 100% human hair. The hair is double drawn to ensure that the look created is extremely natural with full thickness running all the way to the ends. Most salons only use single drawn hair due to the additional cost associated with purchasing double drawn hair, we use only the best and we do not pass that cost onto the client. Our stands are also 1gram strands, not 0.5g or 0.8g like most other salons. This means far more for your money!